Vital knowledge is the ultimate course to give your church the power to boldly go out and minister to children, whether it be within their own church walls, in an overseas mission field, or right in their very own backyard. This vital training goes beyond just learning the basics; it allows churches and individuals to become equipped with vital knowledge on how to best minister to these beloved young ones. Why wait any longer? Get off the bench and into vital knowledge today!

Joshua and Tiffany have been helping youth leaders make a difference in their churches for over 15 years, with experience stateside and overseas! Through their 4-hour courses, tailored to fit your church's needs, they can bring help, hope, and encouragement to those who feel unequipped or unready for the challenges of leading young people. Let them help you help others - sign up today to help ignite change in your church or community!

Teaching churches how to minister to the small half of the world (0-25).

Topics covered:

  • Why is Childhood so important? 
  • Ways to make your lessons memorable
  • Object Lessons 
  • Games
  • Discipline
  • Standards of care
  • Flowing with the Holy Spirit
  • and much more!

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